0% Plastic
100% Straws

Organic  Biodegradable  Compostable

We work with

local farmers and use a by-product from their crops to replace plastic products, starting with drinking straws.

We believe

South Australia have a lot of local resources. We are very proud to partner with Josh, Peri and their lovely family to introduce new alternatives to single-use plastic.

Every day Australians use
0 M
plastic straws
In South Australia that's
0 M
straws per year
That means
0 Kg
of plastic straws per day
Plastic is killing our wildlife, infecting our food, destroying our environment.

Mister RYE is accelerating circular economy in the single-use plastic industry

We are very proud to reuse agricultural by-products and process it as new alternatives to plastics while being 100% biodegradable in a home compost or garden. However, we have a bigger ambition of going completely towards a zero-waste business cycle, meaning straws are only the first products of a very long list of plastics we are looking to replace.

Low carbon footprint

Most existing alternatives have a large carbon footprint through their production steps and the country they are manufactured from. With Mister RYE, we are well aware that it’s almost impossible to be 100% carbon-free, however we focus on:

  • working only with the closest local partners
  • strictly not importing any resources
  • valuing the local man-power

We are not here to just sell straws but make an impact!

Mister RYE will be donating 5% of its profit to YOUR choice of 5 preselected organisations.  

Register your interest to know which organisations we selected.

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About us

We are Marion and Alexis, co-founders behind Mister Rye. Traveling 40,000km in our campervan around Australia, we couldn’t tell you how much plastic we picked up on the beautiful beaches.That’s when we knew we had to be part of the change!


Being part of the first batch of the New Entrepreneur program supporting innovation in South Australia, the idea of creating a better straw came up. Our generation of consumers cares where products come from, so we set out to find a better straw.


Today our mission is not to try and make consumers stop using plastic or paper straws, but to educate people on switching to better solutions, be more respectful to the environment, impact our future in a much better way, and reduce the usage of single use plastics, one item at a time.

Photo by Rota Alternativa


Mister RYE straws are the by-product of organic cereal rye. Farmers usually harvest and sell the rye grain. Everything else stays on the ground. Mister RYE produced by the remaining stalks and processing them into safe and compostable drinking straw.

The rye stalks are coming from a certified organic farm in South Australia, 200km away from the city of Adelaide where they grow at their own pace. The straws are then processed in Adelaide, in our own workshop. We are not importing anything and are trying to keep EVERYTHING as local as possible.

Rye is a very strong plant and is already being cultivated for it grain to make flour, bread, beer and even strong alcohol. We wanted our straws to be a byproduct and have better characteristics than other straws, that’s why our straws are suitable for ice cold, burning hot, fizzy and alcoholic beverages! Rye is also a very easy cereal to grow, that doesn’t require a massive amount of water and it can grow on any soil.

Yes! Our straws are coming from a South Australia organic farm. Our growing partners have had the NASAA organic certification for more than 20 years. NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) is the first organic label in Australia, also recognized overseas, ensuring the adoption of organic practices that lead to safer and more sustainable food production systems.

YES, we are currently running LAB test in order to ensure our straws are totally safe, free of gluten, and allergens. We will publish the official results before our official launch early 2020.

At home, yes! You can hand-wash them or put them in your dishwasher (we already tested that multiple times!). After drying they will go back to their original hard texture.

In cafes and restaurants, for hygienic and safety measures, straws are all singe-use, however as they are 100% biodegradable and compostable, they can simply go in the compost or the green bin, just like you would place a plant.

There are many other alternative straws on the market such as bamboo and stainless steel.  While these straws are a great alternative to plastic, they require unnecessary resourses and produce excessive carbon emissions during manufacturing. Many times, these straws are manufactured overseas resulting in a larger carbon footprint and higher retail price. Mister RYE is manufactured here in South Australia from YOUR local farmers. Mister RYE hopes to become the first straw with NO excess waste, NO damage on the environment and MINIMAL carbon footprint.

Mister RYE will be officially launched following the harvest time that will happen in December, so at the beginning of 2020! YAY! All the pre-orders during our crowdfunding campaign will be shipped in January 2020!

YES and we are so proud of this. Mister RYE is simply a plant stalk that has been sterilised with natural processes. As a result, you can place it in your garden, in your compost or even eat it if you would like (that will be totally fine)! If, unfortunately, it finds its way to the sea, it will also biodegrade and be totally safe for the marine ecosystem.